Prioritizing Your Children’s Well-Being Throughout Your Family Law Struggle

Fathers’ Rights: Attorney for Paternity, Custody, and Support

If you are facing issues of paternity, custody, or support, obtaining legal counsel is crucial. The life and health of your child is both your privilege and obligation to care for until they are able to care for themselves. There is no more important task that you will take on in your lifetime. Whether your issue is establishing a stable schedule of custody time with the other parent, determining a fair financial arrangement, or fighting to have a recognized place in the life of your child, we are here to assist you. Fathers, whether the child was born during the course of a marriage or not, do have rights. More importantly, children have a right to have a relationship with their fathers.

I have dedicated my career to family law issues. Although the courts are to be “gender-blind” regarding custody, fathers do face some significant disadvantages where child custody is concerned. Often they have not been the primary caregiving parent while residing with the mother and that is held against him. Many times the greater number of hours that they have spent working to sustain the family finances is held against them as well. None of this should be an impediment to a close relationship with your child or a bar to a reasonable custody schedule. Learn more about how I can help in a free consultation. Call my Mechanicsburg office at 717-281-1199.

A Custody Attorney for Dads

Outdated stereotypes no longer dictate custody hearings and the Pennsylvania family courts are genuinely looking for custody schedules that truly pursue the best interest of the child. There are cases where parents have very ill feelings toward one another and maybe even question a lot of the decisions that the other parent is making. However, except in situations where there is documented violence and/or history with substance abuse the courts will typically lean toward a joint legal custody and a schedule of shared physical custody in various percentages.

Primary, Shared, or Sole Custody Rights for Dads

There are cases where the dad has secured primary physical custody and even sole physical custody of their child(ren). There is no hard and fast standard for when this is the best choice; everyone’s family dynamic is unique. The default is to pursue shared physical and legal custody presuming to fit parents.

Paying Child Support does Not Automatically Provide for Custody Rights

One common misconception about Fathers’ Rights is that they come automatically when you pay child support. Child support is a very simple mathematical equation based on the income of the two parents and how many children they have had. Custody is based on the best interests of the child and the circumstances and availability of the parents. Child support cannot be withheld because the child is withheld. The remedy for a child being withheld is filing an action for Custody or Custody Modification.

Establishing Paternity

For children born out of wedlock, the first step to pursing your legal rights as a father is establishing paternity. Paternity is automatically established when the parents are married. Paternity can be established by unmarried couples by filing a “VAP” or a “Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity”. If establishing paternity becomes a contested issue between the parents for any reason, it is advisable to seek legal counsel in a timely manner. Delaying resolution of this issue can result in unintended consequences.

Free Consultation with a Fathers’ Rights Attorney

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