Prioritizing Your Children’s Well-Being Throughout Your Family Law Struggle

Family Law Doesn’t Have to be Contentious

There may be disagreements and disputes in any divorce or custody case but there is no legal requirement that everyone is made miserable as a result. With the assistance of a trained advocate, you may find that reaching an agreement without years of litigation is not as impossible as you had imagined.

At The Law Office of Trudy A. Marietta Mintz, I help families in central Pennsylvania find resolutions to their family law problems. Having worked in family law since 2007, I understand what you are going through and I know how to help you get to the other side. Call me today to find out how my sensible and calm representation can make a difference for you and your family. Your consultation is free.

My Dedication to Amicable Resolutions

As an attorney with considerable experience, I see firsthand the damage that spouses can do to each other during Pennsylvania divorce or custody cases. Through negotiation and mediation, I also see how people can work toward a goal together and create a better plan for their new lives.

I look at family law as not just what is in front of people now but also what they’re looking at in the future. Having guided hundreds of people through divorce, custody, and additional family law concerns, I know that resolution is nearly always possible.

Creating Custody Plans that Work for Children

I am very committed to helping parents and Grandparents find the right solutions for their family. Protecting the well-being of a child is extremely important to me and it is a large part of my practice. I represent both mothers and fathers as well as Grandparents and third parties who want to care for a child in their life. It is immensely satisfying to see family members come together with a clearly set out path forward.

You can also come to me for help with child support determination and modification. This is another critical aspect of family law and I want to help you get it right so that there is an equal division of financial responsibility to provide for the child or children.

You Can Take the First Step Today

Standing up for your family’s rights does not require you to do the fighting. There is a path forward for you and your children. Call me at 717-281-1199 or contact me online. I offer a free consultation. I represent people throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond as specific cases warrant.