Prioritizing Your Children’s Well-Being Throughout Your Family Law Struggle

Protecting the Rights of the Child in Support Cases

While it is important to remember that child support is the right of the child, it is also true that the amount that a parent pays or receives makes a difference in their overall financial situation. Keeping the child’s best interests at the forefront, I will also seek to ensure that the payments are fair for everyone involved.

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A Child Support Lawyer Who Will Guide You Through the Process

People often have questions about the Pennsylvania child support guidelines. The state has a formula or “calculator” that determines the amount each parent contributes to the child’s needs. The amount is based on a number of factors, including:

  • The income and assets of each parent
  • Additional Child Support obligations a parent may have
  • The number of mutual children the parents have

If custody is shared 50/50, the parent with the larger income may still pay child support to the parent with the lower income in order to equalize the households for the wellbeing of the child.

Sometimes, there are additional considerations, such as the child’s such as the child’s medical needs or a parent’s refusal to get or keep reasonable employment. It is important to have a child support attorney when these issues occur.

Modifying Child Support Payments

It is not uncommon for parents to ask for a decrease or an increase in child support. This can be granted for situations such as:

  • The child’s needs have changed
  • There is a health condition involving a child or a parent
  • A parent’s income may have increased or decreased significantly
  • Other unforeseen significant circumstances.

You do not want to attempt to modify child support on your own, especially if your co-parent has a lawyer. I know how to navigate these issues calmly and advocate for my clients in negotiation. If, however, you cannot reach an agreement, I will represent you a Support hearing.

I Understand How Important Adequate Support Is

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