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It’s hard to find a way forward when you are in the midst of a family legal dispute. During this overwhelming time, you can rely on me to fight for your best interests while working to minimize the damaging impact this conflict can have on your life and future relationship. Family Law is so different than other kinds of cases. Often, despite genuine conflict between people, they must remain present in each other’s lives. This happens most often with child custody and in divorces following a long-term marriage where there is an extended family. The romantic relationship may be over but a new relationship based on shared responsibilities must be formed. A successful case to me does not just resolve the issues in the short term but also considers the ongoing needs of the client and the people that they love.

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Putting Family First – Seeking to Restore Peace

A custody conflict, divorce, or support issue can be extremely stressful even if you have an amicable relationship with the other parent or estranged spouse.

This isn’t a journey you need to face alone. I have helped countless Pennsylvanians overcome difficult legal challenges and find solutions that have restored peace to their lives. I look forward to helping you too.

When you retain me you’ll notice the difference in how I assist my clients. As a true solo attorney, I handle every aspect of the case myself. You will never find yourself unexpectedly speaking to an Associate that you have never met and have to bring up to speed on the details of your case. I am aware that my clients come to me during some of the most difficult times in their lives and I am honored when they choose me to assist them. For representation that works toward your better future, contact The Law Office of Trudy A. Marietta Mintz.

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Trudy A. Marietta Mintz

Trudy A. Marietta Mintz

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There are many family law firms throughout central Pennsylvania but very few of those are true solo practices. This distinction is important. As the solo practitioner at my firm, I am responsible for every aspect of every case.

From start to finish, my clients only work with me. When you partner with me you will not need to worry about your case getting transferred to a paralegal, a case manager, or a new associate. In addition, I am selective about the cases I take because I want to give all of my clients the individual attention they deserve. I  never lose sight of the fact that the case is the single most important issue in the life of my client during our time working together.

As a solo attorney, particularly following the effects of the pandemic, I make a great effort to keep my overhead low. Therefore, I am able to charge reasonable rates for exceptional counsel. Since 2007, I have compassionately and successfully defended my clients’ interests. I look forward to doing the same for you.

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